Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Maximize Your Benefit of Your Software Demo

As a software product provider or vender, whether you need to make a deal, show progress to your clients, or simply illustrate how your product works, you will need to demo your software product. "We created great software products, and we need better marketing tools to demo our products to make them stand out in this competitive marketplace," is realized by software companies.

Visual software demo has been considered a highly effective way to deliver software information clearly and concisely.

If you are in the list of the following business, software demos are the most compelling way to show the features and benefits of your products to your target market.
  • Enterprise Software Applications (ERP, CRM and SCM)
  • Software Applications for Healthcare, Financial, Insurance and Retail Verticals
  • Consumer Software Applications
  • Internet Companies (E-business and Content Websites)
What are the benefits you can get from software demos?

Improve the User Experience and Accelerate the Sales Cycle
The software demos are friendly to users. They make users learn your software faster by showing them guide videos that help increasing product knowledge, reducing confusion and illustrating key benefits.

Demonstrate Product Features and Benefits
Step-by-step demos can show better of the features of your software. Demos with interactivities can show your products in a simulation way. People can learn about your product with ease and it makes your products easy to understand. Just show what your products can do for your clients with a vivid demo.

Deliver Product Information in Multiple Ways
Multiple publish options allow you to increase product exposure in multiple ways. Streaming Flash movie for Web sharing, video for video host such as YouTube, Executable file for best compatibility and it can be can be burnt to a CD or DVD for distribution.

Drive More Traffic to Your Product Website
In your software demo you can add the Website domain or the company logo inside to make more people learn about you company and go to your Website. If it is a Flash demo, you can even put a clickable button to direct users to your website.

So how to create an effective software demo to maximize your benefit?

Be familiar with your software product and create the movie script.
To ensure you do a good performance in the software demo recording, you have to know about your software very well before hand. Creating a software demo is like making a movie. You get to create the movie script. A solid script will follow good marketing and sales techniques. So ensure it properly highlights the features and benefits of the product being demoed. By continually pointing out the features of the product and then going further to explain why they’re beneficial to the users.

Do practice runs with voice recording.
Practice delivery while moving the mouse and speaking. In the software demo you will record, how much time will be spent describing an action, what will you say to highlight a feature, and when will you zoom in for details, you should learn to control the timing. During your rehearsal, ensure that you are speaking clearly and slowly. We all know that a demo with voice can show your idea better. And now screen recorder DemoCreator provides 3 ways to add the audio to software demos: record sound at capture time, record sound at preview time, import audio file to the screen recording with audio editor. You can easily make a voice-over demo.

Add illustration callouts to important actions in recording.
Now the editing features come to be popular in screen recording software. You can delete unwanted video clips, and there are multiple objects to enhance the software demos. For example, you can add zoom and pan effect to show the specific area in details, you can spotlighting an area of the recording, and you can add callouts for important actions. In one word, users can edit the demo by adding the objects to make it explicit.

Publish the software for easy online sharing.
If the technology you are using to build your demo takes forever to load, or asks the viewer to download and install a plug-in, then there would be few people watch your demo. Streaming Flash movie can be the right solution. It enables audience to start watching right away after requesting the video and to jump forward to any part with little playback delay. It can be played with the popular Flash plug-in in web browser, so almost everyone can view it readily.

To create a demo for your software product, you may go with a professional company that creates software demos, but you can also create the software demo by yourself. You are the one that knows your products very well, and you know the important features which should be shown to your clients, what you need is a tool that helps you do the recording and editing. DemoCreator can be a helpful application for you to create your compelling software demos.

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